August 28, 2011


Anda Gentile
30's...feel like I'm 15 sometimes
What do u do? 
Where do you live? 
born in Brooklyn, raised in SoHo, living in TriBeCa
What brought you to New York? 
born and raised

What's your favorite place in New York? 
Up and down the West Side by the river and parts of Central Park

What's on repeat on your playlist right now? 

What does your t-shirt mean? 
Has no meaning - just three individual words that I love to hear

What is your current state of mind? 
Sad but peaceful

What means happiness to you? 
Being in love

What is your biggest fear? 
Losing the ones I love 

Tea or coffee?  
Coffee...tea at night in the winter 

Who do u wish to be sitting next to you right now?  

Who do miss most right now? 
My grandfather
In bed, in the shower or hotel room? 
All the above

Personality or looks? 
Little bit of both

When do you lie? 
When I'm scared
What's the most overrated virtue? 
Being nice all the time

What is your favorite virtue? 
Being nice

What is the quality you most like in a friend? 
Being fun & being loving
What is the quality you most like in a lover? 
Being fun & being loving

Who are your heroes? 
Writers & scientists

Your motto: 
Live laugh love

What makes you laugh? 

What makes you cry? 

Any obsessions? 
My dog, Buddha

Your most treasured possession? 
Old photos...everything my dad painted & made for me

 What is your favorite smell? 
The smell of the Coffee factory where I grew up
What is your most marked characteristic? 

What is your favorite word? 
What did you want to be in life when you were little? 
Butt doctor...then a writer 

What I hate: 
cold sores 

What I love: 
the beach



Anonymous said...

who's that cutie?? ;)

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